Site of St. Hyacinth Church, Additional Church for Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish.

In July of 1901, the St.Stanislaus Church Committee arranged to purchase 3 1/2 acres of property on the site of the current St. Hyacinth campus. Four years later, following several meetings of the South End faithful, the St. Stanislaus Church Committee, Temporary Committee of the Polish Catholics of South Bay City, and Fr. Edward Kozlowski, pastor of St. Stanislaus, petitioned Bishop Henry Richter of the Diocese Grand Rapids to create the parish of St. Hyacinth by division of St. Stanislaus Parish. On October 4, 1905, Bishop Richter approved the request, writing, "We take this opportunity to express to yourself and the members of your parish our extreme gratification at the spirit of harmony and good-will manifested in the arrangements for the separation of the two congregations and while praying that God's blessing may prosper both the old and the new parish."

Laying of the cornerstone for the original St. Hyacinth church & school was on October 14, 1906, and was completed in 1907 under the leadership of inaugural pastor Fr. Alexander Lipinski. The church was dedicated on December 8, 1907, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

In April of 1950, under the leadership of Fr. Andrew Narloch, plans were begun to construct a new church and rectory, with the old rectory being rennovated into a Convent, which remained in use until its demolition in 1998. The cornerstone for the new church was laid on October 5, 1950. Sadly, Fr. Narloch did not see the completion of his work. He died November 19, 1952; the first Mass held in the (still-unfinished) church was his funeral.

Rapid growth continued to be part of the fabric of the parish. A fieldhouse was added in 1963, and groundbreaking took place in January 1966 on a new Gymnasium for the Parish, initially used to house the Jr. High School. This facility is currently utilized by Bay Area Catholic Schools' All Saints High School for athletic events.

The Ties that Bind

Fr. Richard Filary, first pastor of Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish, himself a son of St. Hyacinth parish, was ordained to the Priesthood at St. Hyacinth church on November 21, 1982. He later served as pastor of both St. Hyacinth and St. Stanislaus parishes.

In September 1975, groundbreaking occurred on a new school building, as needed repairs on the original building proved not cost-effective. The school was completed in 1976, and the "Old School" razed. In 2001, Bay Area Catholic Schools conslidations led to a decision to discontinue classes at the St. Hyacinth campus; however, campus buildings continued to be utilized for periodic events within the school system. Meanwhile, the Education Center building continued to serve as the St. Hyacinth Parish Center.

On July 1, 2014, following a year of linkage, St. Hyacinth and St. Stanislaus Kostka parishes came full circle, merging to once again become one as part of the Planning Tomorrow's Parishes effort of the Saginaw Diocese. St. Hyacinth Church was named by Bishop Cistone as an Additional church of the newly formed Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish.


St. Hyacinth Church

St. Hyacinth Church features an altar dome in marble and gold, murals of St. Hyacinth and St. Vincent DePaul in the north and south entrances, and beautiful stained glass featuring a rose window above the choir loft. .


The Gymnasium serves as the home facility for All Saints' High School Cougars' basketball and volleyball, as well as conditioning and weight room facilities for all Cougars' athletics. The gym was recently redone, thanks to a generous contribution from Catholic Federal Credit Union.