Liturgy Commission

The Liturgy Commission advises the pastor on all matters of liturgical celebration, including ensuring alignment of liturgies to church norms, providing direction to specific ministries (such as those described below), and coordinating decorating and cleaning of church buildings. This Commission consists of lay volunteers, and meets monthly. If you are interested in sharing your time and talent, please contact the Parish Office!

Altar Servers

From carrying the cross during processional and recessional, to preparing the altar for the Eucharistic Prayer, youth altar servers play an important role in our liturgy. Boys and girls of school age are encouraged to volunteer for this ministry!

Church Cleaning/Decorating

This vital ministry assists in maintaining a reverant and beautiful environment for liturgy, especially during liturgical seasons.

Eucharistic Ministers

Formally known as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, these trained and certified volunteers assist with the distribution of the Precious Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful in attendance. Some also assist with bringing Communion to the homebound, or those in hospitals.


Greeters provide a ministry of welcome to the congregation, particularly during special celebrations.


Lectors read the Word of God during Liturgy of the Word, and when no deacon is present, present the Prayers of the Faithful.


Sacristans help prepare the materials needed for Mass, and ensure they are properly stored when not in use.


Ushers assist with seating, and collecting financial offerings during the Offetory, and guiding the congregation during distribution of Holy Eucharist. Ushers also help ensure a reverant, secure environment during worship, and assist congregants during emergencies.

Music Ministry

Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish builds on a long tradition of beautiful music ministry in our founding parishes. Cantors and Choirs, together with accompaying musicians, provide opportunity for congregants to engage in prayer through music. Cantors lead the assembly in sung prayer at appropriate times during liturgy, typically from the sanctuary (cantor's stand or from the Ambo during the Responsorial Psalm). There are also several choir/chorale groups for men, women and children to share their talents and enhance the reverence of liturgy through music, including Polish hymns that celebrate our heritage. New members are always welcome (Polish language skills are not a pre-requisite) to weekly rehearsal! If you are interested in participating this ministry, please contact the Parish Office!